Deira – The Breathtaking Commercial Hub of Dubai

Deira is one of the oldest commercial districts of Dubai that encompasses the entire history of Dubai lies within it. This is the perfect place for merchants to trade and business their goods. 20% of Dubai’s population lives in Deira, which is situated right between the Bur Dubai and Creek. It is one of the renowned authentic commercial places of the Emirate, and is also nicknamed ‘old Dubai’.

Wandering through the narrow lanes of Deira, visitors will see the lively cultural tapestry of Dubai’s diverse population. Today’s Deira is a witness to the dynamic evolution of Dubai, offering a broad range of tourist choices, from luxury to entertainment and cultural experiences. 

Historical Background

Deira is one of Dubai’s most established and oldest neighbourhoods, having developed in the mid-1700s alongside Dubai Creek, a saltwater canal that moves apart Deira from Bar Dubai. The canal legalised the area to develop significantly; to facilitate sea trade.

In 1841, a smallpox epidemic erupted in the Bur Dubai, forcing residents to migrate to Deira. Due to the 1896 disastrous fire incident in Dubai Creek, Deira was destroyed. Even the “Great Storm” of 1908 hit the pearling boats of Dubai and the coastal region at the end of the pearling season that year, causing the loss of more than 100 people and a dozen boats.

This disaster was somehow a historical setback for Dubai. Instead of setbacks, Deira historically became the most significant commercial sector due to its perfect location of the emirate, along with its twin across the creek, and the entrepreneurial and resilient spirit of its people.

Even, before 1930 Deira became an independent city and its economy reached its peak through pearl fishing. Deira is locally known as “Old Dubai” since it is one of the most historic quarters of the city and is home to various iconic structures, from spice souks, and centuries-old gold to ancient forts and castles.

The entire history and cultural richness of Dubai is closely linked with Deira. It was a crowded port on the trading route between the eastern and western regions, as it is situated at the northern end of Dubai Creek.

Entering Deira is like stepping into a time capsule, where the past is pleasantly accompanied by the present. To date, Deira alongside the creek immaculately combines the new and old, featuring quaint cafes, traditional architecture, and art galleries.

How to Reach Deira?

Here is a detailed description to reach this magnificent district.

By Metro

Dubai has a well-organised metro system, and Deira’s nearby metro stations are City Centre Deira Metro Station and Al Rigga Metro Station (a 2-minute walk away). 

By Road

There are a number of buses to reach Deira from within the city and nearby emirates like Sharjah.

Places of Interest in Deira

While creating an itinerary for your visit to Deira, don’t forget to include the following gems on your list.

Deira Clock Tower

This was built in 1965 and was designed by architects Ziki Homsi, and Otto Bullard. According to the Telegraph newspaper, the Deira clocktower is the world’s 17th most beautiful clocktower.

This is a simple and pure form of architecture that aided traffic flow, indicated time, and became a functional landmark of Deira. Deira Clock Tower, also called Dubai Clock Tower, is a historical monument at the convergence of D89 and Umm Hurair Road.

Dubai Gold Souk

This is the traditional and largest gold souk in Dubai, situated in Deira. This Gold Souk is Dubai’s most visited and most famous tourist spot because of its gold designs and excellent quality.

More than 380 retailers and jewellery traders are available in this region. This place Dubai is the safest place to buy gold where prices are favourable compared to other destinations.

Dubai Spice Souk

Dubai Spice Souk is a bustling and vibrant market located in the core of the historic district of the city, Deira. Some of the most popular buys at this market are rose water, saffron, sheesha, cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, and dried lemons.

Dubai’s Spice Souk is an aromatic, colourful, and sensory experience, spices are sold both in packets and in weight. One of the cultural and commercial hubs of Deira is the Dubai spice souk. This souk is renowned for its shops offering a wide variety of spices from around the globe, nestled beside narrow alleyways.

Perfume Souk

Due to Dubai’s low tax rate on fragrances, perfume soaks is the perfect area to get perfumes at much more affordable prices than in other countries. The stores of perfume souks specialise in popular scents & customise fragrances in small glass containers.

The perfume oil is obtained from resin and is conventionally worn by both Emirati women and men. With every step at the Perfume Souk market, you will explore a new scent, exotic and sensual like the Arab world itself.


A journey through Deira is not just a journey into the past of Dubai; it is a celebration of the city’s testament and heritage to its steadfast spirit. So, the next time you find yourself in this glittering city, take a deflection from the luxury malls and skyscrapers to explore the heart of Deira.

You should explore Deira, where history is reflected through the spirit of the city and streets, Deira is the best place to serve as a prompt behind the futuristic appearance of cultural legacy. The area is building on its heritage by adapting innovatively to recent trends in international tourism.

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